“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, August 14, 2011


As promised I would finalize this blog on building our house with a post on statistics. Well here it is.

It is just a random and unsorted number of items that I could easily collect from my spreadsheet that I developed during the house building project. Much more could be produced, but for now this is my selection.

I will publish here some statistical details on the Project, House dimensions, Materials, Sub Projects, Pricing and a summary graph showing the cost components.

New projects

Although the house is finished now and we are living there, there are still many things to do, most of them will be new projects or existing ones to be completed.

To mention a few:

  1. some bathrooms need sinks and toilets & a whirlpool to be installed
  2. find a solution for wireless internet, as we don't have a land-line
  3. antenna's for aerial and satellite TV and internet wireless broadband
  4. grills for the stairs and balconies (ongoing)
  5. kitchen and powder room cabinets to be made
  6. cabinets for the the walk-in closets (5) to be made
  7. curtains through the whole house to be designed/ordered
  8. TV and home cinema set to be chosen and ordered (partly done)
  9. oven to be ordered and installed
  10. automatic gate opener (on-going)
  11. higher the fence and put razor wire on top (on-going)
  12. painting the grills, gate and fence front (on-going)
  13. plastering the front fence and making moldings (on-going)
  14. driveway from the gate to the house and outbuildings
  15. fountain design and implementing (on-going)
  16. landscaping and backfilling the garden
  17. swimming pool
  18. new larger roof for outbuilding

House building Finishing activities

One of the reasons that I didn't update my blog the last months was that we were busy 6 days a week with logistics and selecting and buying materials, the seventh day doing administration and taking some rest.

The other reason was I had to do the plumbing myself as my plumber/electrician didn't come for weeks, because he had meanwhile a big project in a church in Calasiao.

The last time I wrote about progress of the house was May 16, it was about the door jambs. That time I thought that it was a matter of weeks, but it was a matter of months to finish all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

House blessing

Last week Saturday (30/7) we had a blessing and praying party to celebrate the fact that our house is finished and we officially moved into the new house.

The night before an old couple, the previous owners of our property, slept in the house according to local tradition. At 4 a.m. the next morning we arrived to settle in and waited for the old people to wake up.
We prepared breakfast - toast and fried eggs with orange juice and fruits - for the four of us. For them it was as if they stayed in a hotel. They never experienced such an occasion as this one.


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