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Sunday, August 14, 2011


As promised I would finalize this blog on building our house with a post on statistics. Well here it is.

It is just a random and unsorted number of items that I could easily collect from my spreadsheet that I developed during the house building project. Much more could be produced, but for now this is my selection.

I will publish here some statistical details on the Project, House dimensions, Materials, Sub Projects, Pricing and a summary graph showing the cost components.

  • start: 23 November 2010
  • completion: 30 July 2011
  • duration: 8 months and 1 week, or 35 weeks
  • man-days spent: 3.013 (excluding the guards and myself)

House area:

  • 1st floor: 223 m2 (including landing stairs)
  • 2nd floor: 216 m2 (including balconies)
  • total area: 439 m2

Materials used:

  • trucks (16 m3) bulk materials (sand and gravel, excluding back-filling): 58
  • coco lumber 2"x3": 4.560 meter
  • cement bags 40 kg: 2.930 bags
  • hollow blocks 16"x8"x6": 9.030
  • plywood sheets for ceiling: 106
  • doors: 26
  • convenience (electric) outlets: 180
  • light switches: 54
  • reinforcing steel bars 10 mm: 1900 x 6m = 11.400 meter
  • reinforcing steel bars 12 mm: 1010 x 6m = 6.060 meter
  • reinforcing steel bars 16 mm: 710 x 6m = 4.260 meter

Sub-projects (fixed price):

  • Roofing and trusses (APO/Puyat roofing 0.5 mm)
  • Windows and sliding doors (champaign brand)
  • Glass for interior doors
  • Granite for counters
  • Stairs and balcony grills stainless steel (1.5 mm, SS quality 304)

Average pricing:

  • SQM price: 12.000 peso/m2
  • Labor cost per man-day: 317 peso
  • Labor cost per sqm: 2.175 peso/m2
  • Labor days per sqm: 6.7 man-day/m2
  • Total cost per week: 65.000 peso

If you don't do the whole project yourself - managing/contracting the workers, quality control, selecting and buying materials and activities you don't trust Filipino doing it - the average price will be (much) higher.

The average sqm price is for a 2-story house. Would you like to build only one level, I expect that the sqm price will go up, as for the same floor area you have double costs for the foundation and roofing, although you can use less (heavy) reinforcing steel.


Some graphs detailing "% of cost per category" and "labor spending per week" are shown below.

In the first diagram the category Lumber stands for coco lumber and plywood that was used for construction of concrete elements and scaffolding. All other lumber is included in category Ceiling.

In the latter diagram you can easily see Christmas 2010, the holy week (16) in 2011 and the first flood we had in 2011 in week 26.

% of total cost per item

Labor cost per week


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