“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, August 14, 2011

House building Finishing activities

One of the reasons that I didn't update my blog the last months was that we were busy 6 days a week with logistics and selecting and buying materials, the seventh day doing administration and taking some rest.

The other reason was I had to do the plumbing myself as my plumber/electrician didn't come for weeks, because he had meanwhile a big project in a church in Calasiao.

The last time I wrote about progress of the house was May 16, it was about the door jambs. That time I thought that it was a matter of weeks, but it was a matter of months to finish all.

Since then we finished the following items:

  1. Moldings completed around the windows and columns
  2. All pipes and fittings completed for bathrooms and kitchens
  3. All draining pipes outside fitted to septic vault and clean water sinks
  4. A pipe ring-network around the house for collecting rain and clean drainage water
  5. All electric cabling installed and outlets/switches connected
  6. Panel boxes installed for circuit breakers and generator back-up system
  7. Electric ground connection made
  8. Deco stone attached to walls interior and exterior
  9. Cutting all lumber for the ceiling beams
  10. Ceiling made including moldings
  11. Doors hung
  12. Doors painted
  13. Glass in interior doors
  14. Ordered, delivered and installed our own design double entrance door
  15. Windows and sliding doors
  16. Painting (4 layers) all walls interior and exterior
  17. Painting all ceilings (4 layers)
  18. Painting all deco stone areas
  19. Granite counters for both kitchen, powder room and master bedroom
  20. Tiles on all floors and walls in the bathrooms
  21. Installing water closets, sinks, showers in some rooms and powder room
  22. Around the house wash-out terrace and plant areas created
  23. Connecting lights and ceiling fans
  24. Stair threads covered with lumber
  25. Stair risers covered with tiles
  26. Moving the bahay kubo from the front to the back yard

Enjoy the photo session below.

Tiles pattern for one of the balconies layed out

Catch basin with drainage pipes around the house

Panel board back side

Electric and water pipes in the utility room

Panel board front side, with 16 Circuit Breakers

Floor tiles for 2nd floor ready to be installed

Bags of pebbles for wash-out on the balconies and terraces 

On-going work, tiling the 2nd floor

Tiling the kitchen

Ceiling decoration above the stairs, work in progress

Ceiling decoration family hall 2nd floor, finished

Moving the bahay kubo from the front of the house to ...

... the final position in the back yard

Panel boards, wiring under construction

Utility room pipes fitted and plastered, ready for tiling

One of the many doors hung and painted, actually stained

Tiling 1st floor living and dining room

Stair threads sealed in cement with blind nails

Flood, means 1 week no work and progress

But still a nice view if flooded

Frames for the windows and sliding doors ready to be installed

Tiling and wash out on the steps around the house

Painting was the longest job, 6 painters 10 weeks long

The biggest window is in place

Fine tuning the deco stones

The last week of the painters: brushing the front entrance doors

An area to put plants with a wash out perimeter

Steps for the living room

The tiles porter uses the carton to protect for the sun

Unloading the granite plates

Cutting and grinding the granite

Deco ceiling is finished

Asawa enjoys the view from the entrance

... again with doors opened ...

... and the finished stairs



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