“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roofing (2)

The building looks like a house since this week the roof was almost finished.

The roof is from APO/Puyat (number one brand in the Philippines) and is made of 0.5 mm molded galvanized steel plate, and painted brown with an extra gloss for free as this roofing project is sponsored by APO as a show case in northern Luzon. APO gives a guarantee of 10 years on their roof materials.

It seems they want to establish a new plant in Mangaldan (only 15 minutes from here) and this roof will be in their new commercial brochures.

Only the gutter in front of the 3 attics are not completed yet, they will do it next week as well as a few gutter down spouts have to be connected to the pipes.

I am very pleased about the ceiling under the roof made of spandrell (galvanised steel molded sheets of ca. 15 cm wide), it includes also ventilation and I made electric outlets (for my asawa's Christmas lights). It looks much better than if done with ordinary plywood or hardiplex and no maintenance is required.

Last minute I decided also to let them install isolation under the roof. I agreed that they would do it for free, me only paying the materials.

What else can I say, just enjoy the pictures.

The corner of the attic is also finished with spandrell
Isolation sheets are put under the roofing sheets
Front view
Roofing sheets are delivered according to the cutting list specs,
but final cutting is done on the roof

Meanwhile the roof ceiling is made
Right side view
Electric outlet in the ceiling at each corner

Even on Sunday they work, to make sure on Monday
the roofing project can be completed

Back side view


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