“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roofing (1)

Last week the first phase of the roofing was completed, the trusses, C-purlins and facia-board, being the perimeter of the roof to which the gutter will be mounted.

Originally we were pushed by our engineer/supervisor to start the week before my short leave in The Netherlands, so mid of February. I am happy that we didn't do it for many reasons, the most important being 1) I could not follow the process and see the results and 2) the plastering out-side should be ready before the roofing is installed and that will be not earlier than end of next week. This is because the ceiling under the roof outside is included in the contract.

I had 3 offerings for a fixed price contract, already before my leave. Just after my leave I got a fourth offer, which was after some negotiations the best one, in terms of costs, what was included and the trust I had in the engineer doing the job.

So we finally agreed on the contract on March 24. The project started the next week, the materials arrived 26 March and Sunday 27 they started already painting the steel bars.

Hence the first phase took them 4 weeks, in stead of 2 weeks as was the forecast, they even worked some Sundays. I am glad that I choose to go for a fixed cost project, i.s.o. manging the project myself, as I has to admit that I had no experience in this type of work. It saved me a lot of headaches.

However, when we are ready to do the roofing for our bodega (outbuilding) somewhere end of the year or next year, I am sure I can manage it myself and do it for cost price only.

Phase 2 will start next week and the forecast is also 2 weeks work. We will see what happens.

See below an impression of the steps and results of phase 1.


The material is delivered, and being painted

The shed on the right is left from my steel men, to protect them for the sun

The first trusses are installed

The welding rods they used

The first C-purlings are welded in position

View from the backside, the plastering 2nd floor outside is still not finished

View from the road Nilombot to Banzal

The big attick gets shape

And also the small attick for the balcony front side

Almost an artistic view

The last activities 

Inside of the attick

View from the road


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