“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fish pond

A few weeks earlier I took this picture
Last weekend we had a rather strange activity on our premises. I was not in favor of it, but for the Filipino living with me - family and friends - it was a normal yearly event.

The issue was that, due to the long dry period since December last year, the fish pond was drying out. I estimate that we had only 50 to 70 cm water in the pond left. The water of course is warming up significantly and the fish would die if we wouldn't do anything. My solution was to add water with our pump to save the fish.

The water is pumped out and they are catching the fish with a net and manually
The Filipino solution however was to suck out the water with the pump, catch all the fish, eat the big ones and keep the small ones alive in a little tank and put them back later. It gave us the possibility of course to clean up the pond from all the mesh, like bottles, can's car tire and a lot of bamboo trunks.

Next day they will cleanup the pond and remove all the trash

To be cleaned from the mud, most of the fish is cat fish and tilapia
After cleaning the fish, they are put in the big gallon 
A big catfish cleaned and put back in the gallon
Spouse cleaning the tilapia
Janitor fish, looks like cat fish
Fresh water shell or clams, we had many buckets of it

Spouse with carp
 The Filipino won of course and off they went. See the brief picture show. Apart from fish - I have seen at least 5 different species - it turned out that we had also a lot of living shells, which look like mussel. They assured me that the fish and shells will return, as the eggs are buried in the mud and if we have a flood again, river fish will be captured in the pond as well.

The end of the day we had a small party with the helpers/guards barbecuing some of the fish.

One of the guards had a painful hand and arm, which was caused by a toxic infection from a catfish they told me, which lasted the day and night. So he didn't really enjoy the BBQ.



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