“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Septic vault

Digging the hole ...
In rural areas in the Philippines, as in most countries, there is no draining system for sewage or draining water. So we need a septic vault (sometimes called tank) for sewage water. Draining water will be discharged directly to the road shoulder.

Last week we started with two septic vaults. A large vault for the house of 3 x 2 meters and 2 meters deep, so 12 qm, was made last week. It is divided into two chambers, one for digesting the sewage water by bacteria and via an overflow the water comes into the sink chamber with outlets into the garden, feeding and watering the greenery.

Animal farm (2)

Last two weeks our animal farm is extended with some more dogs.

First we got Anakin from the largest pet market in Manila (Sta. Cruz) and then a week later we got Padme from a pet shop in Nepo mall, Dagupan city. They are from the Shih Tzu breed from Taiwan or China. I don't see the difference between them, so I don't know who is who. See the picture and find the differences.

When we visited the pet shop again in Nepo mall last week for pet shampoo, they suddenly had two German Shepards for sale. As I planned already to get one the coming months as my personal dog and guard, I couldn't resist the wish to buy one of them. Finally I choose for the male puppy. He is 2 months old and I call him Xander, which means the "protector".

Second floor (2)

The reinforcing steel and electric and plumbing pipes are prepared,
view is the study room and balcony
Yesterday was again a milestone in the project. The second floor was completed.

Part 1 was completed on 8/1/2011, part 2 two weeks later on 22/1/2011 and again two weeks later on 5/2/2011 part three was completed.

For part 1 we used 137 bags cement, and 11 extra workers 33 total
For part 2 we used 110 bags cement, and 3 extra worker 25 total
For part 3 we used 104 bags cement, only 22 workers


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