“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second floor

Again an exciting week, we finished the first part of the second floor, about 40% of the total floor.

The coco lumber poles were nailed together to make a fully covering scaffold for the second floor and the arcs and  beams. On top of it sheets of plywood are nailed.

Next the wooden floor was covered by a grid of steel bars and on top a second grid shfted in two directions.

Of course the plumbing and electricity pipes were also installed. I had even a last minute change, hot water in all bathrooms upstairs.

Pouring the concrete had to be done at once, so in one working day. We used 137 bags of cement this day. For this day I hired extra workers, we had 33 people working for us. My wife, sister in law and our made prepared the food and drinks for all workers, which meant merienda in the morning, lunch, merienda afternoon and then the final party.

The work started 8 am and was finished 5.15 pm. After paying the salaries (33 paper bags with the money we prepared the night before), all workers were invited for a small party with Emperador, beer, soft drinks, soup and BBQ sticks.

See my picture show below.

Robert prepares the plywood cast for the main arc in front

Plywood cast is almost ready

Ready to move into position

Here we go ...

... and go ...


Pete prepares the plumbing and electric pipes

Coco lumber support of the 2nd floor construction

Ernie fixes the light bulbs in case we have to work in dark after 6 pm

Starting the chain with cement buckets up and empty buckets down

First corner above dirty kitchen done

Merrienda break time

Pete installs last minute changes for the plumbing

Almost done, the last corner above the clean kitchen

Job is done, waiting for the salary

Madam prepared the drinks for the workers party



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