“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ground floor

Maid's room
Again an exciting week, we finished the ground floor - some people say 1st floor - walls, and the first part of the 2nd floor. The latter will be covered in a seperate blog.

We started with the walls, as usually made from hollow blocks, on December 9 and now after 4 weeks it's almost finished, only some small walls of the bed room downstairs have to be done next week.

However, most of the time was spent on preparing the supporting coco lumber for the second floor.

It's amazing how strong these walls are when finished, if you know how fragile the hollow blocks are. The reason is simple: 1) steel bars are included - vertically and horizontally - and 2) the cement that is used is strengthening the hollow blocks, like gravel is strengthening cement in concrete.

Also openings for doors and windows are simply made with some coco lumber supports and a lot of steel, which is later again connected to the beams that will cover most of the walls.

See my picture show below.

Utility room

Dirty kitchen

Starting the clean kitchen and storage room

Dining room, with counter bar window in the back

Adding concrete to the column of the clean kitchen

Maid's room and dirty kitchen finished

Back side view dirty kitchen and dining room (to be done)

Living room, notice the steel for the beam that will support the stairs

Bath room of the ground floor bedroom

View from the backside, left the maid's room,
middle dining and bed room, right living room

Living room

Living room, the column will be removed
and replaced by 2 other columns

Stairs area with the toilet in the back

Living room, small window and exit to the porch

Counter window in dining room

Window front side, will extend into second floor

Beam construction for the stairs support

View front side, with the entrance butterfly door,
notice the bikes of the workers


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