“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Animal Farm

Kring kring is about 2-3 months old
Last weeks we have got some pets to enrich our live. Although our house is not yet finished, we keep them most of the time on our property.

The first one was a dog, called Kring-kring, it seems to be the sound of the telephone in Pilipino. The dog was brought by my brother in law, and originates from his sister in San Carlos, who could not raise the dog (time, money??). So now we have to do it.

We got her just after Christmas

One month later, do you see the difference?

Next are the chickens. Now 2 wee
ks ago we got a small rooster and bought a bamboo cage. 

I bought myself 4 chicks in the market, 20 peso each, but I should have negotiated, as you can buy them for a few peso if they are so small.

 Last week a relative brought us 2 chickens and a rooster, quite large already.
The chicken on a rope was bitten by the dog of the neighbors and lost a lot of feathers, so we had to move them.

And yesterday I wanted to feed the chicken in the cage, but she escaped and flew away, so we have one less again. Stupid action of me, I really have to learn how to handle chickens.

The wound is at the left side, so is not visible here

Last but not least my wife came this morning back from the market and brought this little dog for 100 peso. Seems to be 4 weeks. Will see what kind of dog it will become.

No name yet
Don't think this was the last animal we will got. I expect that we might get also some gooses, ducks and goats, and I would like to have a horse, but cannot handle it. Maybe my sister can help me, she is an experienced horse rider.


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