“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fence (1)

Digging the trench, hollow blocks (6") are stacked up already
I titled this blog "Fence (1)" as there will be one or more updates as we are progressing with the fence.

We started 10 days ago, Monday 18 October.

Starting means getting the workers on board, ordering the materials and tools, building a small shelter or shed for the cement bags. My wife and brother in law already made a deal with a local supplier for delivering all materials for interesting prices. We would start with 8 workers, they work 6 days a week.

Another activity was to do the measuring as to find out where to put the fence and digging the slot/ditch. We had already measured and layed out on the lot where the house will be built, the sticks and plastic yellow ribbon tape were still there.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Owner (Jeep) sold

The new owner of the owner (jeep)
Today, more or less unexpectedly, my owner was sold.

We were discussing already for months whether to keep or sell our owner (jeep or jeepney), as we are not using it quite often and the technical status is not as it was before and should be. The LTO licence of 2009 was expiring this month as well.

A few month ago there was an interested buyer from San Carlos, but he finally he decided to not accept our latest asking price. A few weeks ago suddenly the owner of the property we were buying was interested and we had several negotiations and offered our lowest price, which was finally rejected again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Super Typhoon Juan (Megi)

This is left of the shed, the cement is saved already
Typhoon Juan (international name Megi), would be my first typhoon experience in the Philippines, as last year's (super) typhoon Pepeng I just missed with 1 day.

It was a disaster for us, as we were in the middle of building up our new site and fence. The small shed built by the workers to hide for the sun when taking a break and to bend the reinforcing steel would not last and the cement bags would be destroyed by the water, if we didn't take last minute measures. The financial damage is not very serious, but the mental damage and delays are there of course.

Luckily we had just moved our bahay kubo from the fish pond to the building site and put it on the highest point. Some people were sleeping in the bahay kubo, since we started a week ago, and they took the first measures when the typhoon has its landfall during the night. There was no damage at the bahay kubo. other than that the water reached finally until the floor.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rice-cutting and Back-filling

Rice cutting machine of my brother in law
The last few days we spent our time preparing the lot for delivery of building materials, like gravel, sand, hollow-blocks.

As the previous owner had planted some rice - to be honest it was more grass than rice - it had to be removed or harvested - destroying food is a sin in the Philippines - as far as possible with a motorized rice-cutter and by hand of course.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hospital privacy

Early this week my family was on a trip to Manila for US visa. The same day my sister in law, who stayed home with my wife and her baby, got an increasing stomach ache from a spontaneous abortion the day before.

A lady from our barangay with hospital experience, as a former secretary from the barangay captain, was called and the plan was to visit the emergency department of a governmental hospital in the area.

We went around 10 am and she was hospitalized for a day treatment room in the genealogy department. It seems that it is now government policy - as part of the family planning policy - that all women should deliver their baby in hospital, so that was probably the reason that all rooms for 2-3 beds, where now occupied by 6-7 patients.

John Grisham

Since I read for the first time a book of John Grisham, early September this year, I bought another one just after I finished reading.
And now I have become really addicted to his legal thrillers, as you can see in my book index, which is still expanding.

Last week I bought again 6 books of him and I am sure in 2 or 3 months I will again buy the remaining books, as far as available in my bookstore in Dagupan, however other priorities the coming weeks will slow down my reading pace.

Interesting for me as a European reader is, apart from the plot, to get a better understanding of the US legal system, which is really one of a kind, even it is derived from British law.

Although I have no legal background, I do understand that it is much more complicated than at least the Dutch legal system.

Interesting as well is the educational aspect of the law system. In the US system you have the law school and the bar-exam to become a certified lawyer, while we have in the Netherlands a system based on a scientific education and next practicing and certifying in e.g. a law firm. Similar differences are with medical education.

An additional advantage of digging into US law system is that it helps me to understand the Philippines law system, which is quite close to the US, although in the Philippines there is no federal law system of course and religion plays a more important role than in the US law system.


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