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― Lucille Ball

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emigration Fair

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This weekend I will go to the Emigration Fair in Houten, The Netherlands. I have an appointment with a Forwarding company, to discuss an offer they made for transporting my container.
Here is a promotion summary of the fair.

Emigration Fair - February 13 and 14 - 2010! The best resource for a future abroad.
Discover the world - Discover all the options for jobs, study, investment, property and settlement abroad. The 14th International EMIGRATION FAIR brings together all the options in one place for a generation who is planning to start an international career - improve their lifestyle - find a job abroad - escape from every day life - live their life overseas - set up their own business - discover the world through study abroad, work and volunteer opportunities.

Exhibitions and free presentations from experts in a variety of related fields provide visitors and fellow exhibitors with a copious amount of resources - plus a wealth of free materials - about all aspects of emigrant life worldwide. Every year more than 120.000 people are leaving the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in search of a new life abroad. If you are considering starting a new future in another country, in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, the United States, Scandinavia or elsewhere you need all the information you can get! For a complete overview of the Emigration process don't miss the Emigration Fair on February 13 and 14 2010, in the Expo Houten Exhibition Centre Houten - Utrecht, in the heart of The Netherlands just 100km away from Belgium and Germany.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sea container forwarding

40 foot sea container
As I am planning to move all our household things and machines to the Philippines shortly, I am now investigating the opportunities to buy a container and forward it to our new home country.

Our household stuff is currently stored in a City Box (company) storage box of 54 cubic meters. So this means that we need a 40 feet sea container, which is ca. 60 cubic meters.

There are two options:
1. rent the space
2. by your own container

The first option is cheaper of course, but the second means that at the destination you don't have to unload all immediately. Especially when you don't have a location to store everything like in our case, it is easier to just put your container on your lot or any other safe place.
Another advantage is that if you partly unload the container, you can use the free space as a work shed while building your house and later on as a storage room or to start an export business.


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