“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ready for fitting windows and doors
In previous blogs I wrote about our garage, workshop, utility room and storage. It is basically an outbuilding with several functions: a workshop and utility room and will later be extended to include a shelter for 1 or 2 cars, so a kind of garage/carport and perhaps a shower/toilet for the swimming pool.

The reason that I built it now, is that I wanted to have a storage room where we can store all materials and machines that we use for building our house.

The workshop (6x6 meters) can be used for storing materials safely (for rain and typhoon) and locked secure against robbery during the building period.

The utility room (6x3 meters) will be used for the deep well pump and water tank, generator, pumps/valves and filter for the swimming pool, and drink-water filter if required.

It seems that it is very uncommon in the Philippines to build something like this before you build your house. Everyone here thinks I am crazy. May be I am, but I am very happy that I built it.

It is almost finished. The temporary roof (from coco lumber and cheap aluminum sheet) is completed now. Some say that it is spilling money, but I don't see it like that. I will reuse or resell the roof materials later and put a roof made of steel trusses and same roofing material/color as we will use for the house.

From here-say via one of my workers - who is living in our hamlet (barangay) - I learned that the people here believed that we would build a 2-storey house and are surprised to see a 1-storey building and strangely connected to the fence in the back yard.
What they believed was a house is our outbuilding!!!
What still has to be done is the flooring and windows and doors.

The flooring will be done together with the flooring of our house (next week). The windows and doors will be done after the gate is done (target before New Year), so target is mid of January.

As the storage/workshop will be ready in the course of January, it can and will be used as well to temporally store our household stuff that I will send from the Netherlands, probably end of January or early February. The storage room is 72 cubic meters and the container is 60 cubic meters, so it should fit.

Find below a short history in picture format.

Digging for the back-side fence has started

Back-side fence almost completed

The building will be attached to the fence

The building will have 2 compartments and will have 11 columns ...

... of which 4 are shared with the fence, and ...

... 2 windows and 2 doors

On top of the walss of hollow-blocks a concrete beam will be made

View from the fish-pond outside the fence



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