“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Friday, December 10, 2010


Today is a remarkable day again. We finished more or less the foundation of our house. That means we completed:
  • all digging work
  • all steel bending work for the columns and foundation beams
  • all concrete for the column foundations and foundation of the beams was poured to the soil
  • all foundation beams are filled with concrete
  • all foundation walls (hollow blocks) are erected
  • all gutter pipes are installed
  • the steel works for a final beam on top of all walls to join later with the floor
  • the wall beams are filled with concrete
  • the columns are filled with concrete until 1st floor level
  • all spaces between the walls are filled with fine (beach) sand until floor level, about 232 cubic meters of sand (still going on)

This period started 20 November and was completed 9 December, only 3 weeks. See in below pictures all above steps (except the sand filling process) and imagine how much effort it was.

We started at -1 meters (foundation depth) and ended at +1 meter (level 1st floor) measured from ground level.

preparing the building plot, removing the back-fill, 
as we last minute changed the positioning of the house

finished, the soil is soft (like a sponge) and watery

the owner (the Boss as they say here)  is content with the "bull-dozer" driver's work

the construction perimeter plane has been made,
this is the reference (3 dimensions) for the foundation work

the construction perimeter left side,
in the background is the outbuilding where work is still continuing
the cross is fixed to the construction perimeter fence
work can start, digging first

... water and ...
... water
we go more than a meter deep
26 of these holes are made, for each column that will be erected

the steel workers started already, cutting the round bars, 16 mm
and connecting the bars with smaller bended bars and wire
foot print for a column, each foot will be 1 x 1 x 0.2 meter of steel and concrete

the steel construction for a column is being positioned and erected

and fixed upright with coco lumber
preparing the concrete
on top of the foot print a cubic of 40 x 40 x 40 cm is made to bear the beams
we use a lot of concrete, so we replenish our materials regularly
the steel work for the beams is done in final position
and progressing ...
we have simple triple beam joints
and more complex quadruple beam joints
pouring the concrete in the beams 
ply wood is used where the ditch is too wide, to limit the volume of concrete required
while the first beams are poured already with concrete,
preparing of beams continue on other places
pouring beams with concrete is almost completed
it's hard working, so we need young strong men
beams are done
hollow blocks are put in position for the mason's to put on the beams
on top of all beams a wall of hollow blocks is made to the level of the 1st floor,
which is 1+  meter above ground level
.. and more hollow blocks follow
overview of the foundation, view is to the left/aft corner
view from the right/aft corner


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