“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fence (3)

The front of our property,
bordering with the barangay road

This is a picture show of the building of the front fence, as part of phase 1 of the fence building. Phase 2 has started already and I will report about it in a next blog early next year.

Period: 28 October to 1 December, so 4+ weeks.

barangay road, to the right our property
the post (column) for the electric connection,
was already done before we started the front fence
see how watery the right side at the barangay road is
the ditch for the right front fence is made, it looks like a small river

pumping the ground water at the right front corner

see the old posts in front of the ditch for the new fence

ditch for the left front fence

workers bring the materials to the road

digging until 1 meter deep

thesteel work for the first column is positioned for the right corner post

cement and concrete making is done on the road

water is pumped over the road to the neighbors

cleaning for a break

building the right fence

digging and preparing for the left fence

steel work for one of the central columns is positioned and set in concrete

the central part is done last

the fence is connected to the electric post

view left side front fence from inside

electric flex pipe will be imbedded in the concrete
as well as the bars for connecting the hinges of the gate

working on the central part of the front fence

installing the pipes for the electric connection

extending the steel bars until the final height

the small entry gate opening, the threshold is at flood level

a beam will be put on top of the hollow blocks,
before the final height will be reached

view from the position of the house

a vendor of baskets is passing by, asawa buys one

ply wood is prepared for bringing the columns on final height

concrete is poured in the plywood boxes for the columns

the fence is on final height as well as the columns, end of phase 1



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