“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The typhoon is over, the flood is still there.
Looking back at the last few weeks of our building project, I learned that WATER is our friend and enemy.

Because the former rice land level is quite low, about 50 cm beneath road level, and after the heavy rains of the last weeks and the flood from the hopefully last typhoon of this year, the land is sucked with water and it still is flowing in certain areas, especially near to the fish pond. 

Happily there is more rice land which is even lower, so the water is flowing in that direction. I made drain outlets in the fence to the lower side, so in case we have a flood again within the perimeter of our lot, the water will be drained towards the neighboring lower land.

The first fence segment built has drain pipes,
but evidently not effective yet.

Standing on an elevated part, view to the old broken gate.

The front fence ditch is made, it fills directly with ground water.
When we are digging ditches for the fence the water is immediately dripping out of the soil and the ditch is full of water after 10 to 20 minutes. Therefore we use our pump (1m3/minute) more to empty the ditches then for what we bought the pump for: pumping water from deep down to make cement and concrete mortar.

I have two pump workers assigned, my brother in law and a young boy of one of the neighbors. They go from ditch to ditch with the pump and then again to the water pipe to suck water for cement making. Sometimes we combine these actions, so directly from the ditch into the gallon near the cement mixer.

These two people are also my guards. They sleep every night in the bahay kubo and this way are guarding against potential thieves. 

Because it is usually quite hot, the workers drink a lot of water. We start in the morning with 3 tanks of 13.5 liter and a smaller isolated one of 10 liter, where we put the ice in, about 1 liter. Every hour or so we put new ice blocks. Since we have a refrigerator in the bahay kubo last week, we don't have to buy anymore ice in the hamlet nearby.

End of the morning all tanks are empty and we refill again some tanks in home, which is a 5 minutes drive with the motorbike. Same in the afternoon. So we use about 150-200 liter drinking water for about 25 people. This water is my best friend and I am very careful in making sure we have always cold drinking water.
Workers are sheltering for the rain.


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