“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fence (2)

The front almost finished, and on level, only the columns to be done
It's now 5 weeks after we started the fence. It's almost done and more.

The front is completed in terms of basic construction and height. The columns are on level, the walls with hollow blocks as well. We had some discussions whether it wasn't too high, but decided that this is what it should be, to have maximum privacy. It means that from the road you have no direct view into the garden - except thru the gate.

However the house will be visible of course as it will be two storey's high, and also because the ground level of the house will be beyond garden level, as an elevated building.

Detail of the front with the small gate for bike/person entry.
In the background you see the newly built cement shed

What has not been done yet is the finishing cement and painting layers on the walls and columns, the deco-stones we want to put at both sides of the gate, the gate and grills and the lighting, the door bell push-button, the post mail-box and leveling the ground between the road and fence.
This will all be done as phase 2 after the house is built.

Quite a distance to bring the hollow-blocks one by one
from the front to the back side

What also has not been done yet, and will probably be phase 3, is bringing the fence on final level at the two sides and back side.

It will become 80 centimeters higher, just as we did in the front. Also missing is the gate for the backside and leveling of the ground near the gate.
The last part, closing the gap at the back side

The lowest entry level of the front and backside gates is equal to the highest flood level I have measured during the last (super) typhoon we had in October.

In the backside, and as part of the fence wall, I made my workshop/garage/storage/utility building. We built it onto roof level. So the coming weeks we will make a temporary roof from coco lumber and cheap GI roofing, then we can use it for storage of materials and machines, to store our house-hold stuff when it is arriving and put the water tank, as I will start the deep-well pump/tank installation shortly.
Starting the workshop/garage, the first contours are visible
The "general" (team leader) smiling with our steel-man/cook/party animal
working on the workshop/garage

Digging the ditches for the workshop/garage
Notice from the pictures attached that the cement shed has been rebuilt after the typhoon - at another position  - the bahay kubo is re-positioned. All was done to be able to re-position the house, almost 20-25 meter more in front of the lot, which gives a better balance between front and back yard of the house, more space for a swimming pool and a better separation between the house and the workshop/utilities building.


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