“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kick-off House building

The big event is today, Saturday November 27.

We added the first concrete to the soil, after digging foundation trenches and holes, pumping ground- and rain-water and bending the 16 MM reinforcing steel-bars for the columns on which the house will be built.

Such an event in the Philippines is accompanied with several rituals.

First of all a cross is installed on the building and construction area. The purpose is to get rid of the bad spirits, so that later on it is a safe place to live and save for the construction workers as well.

We started with 10 people more than a month ago (mid October), added 10-12 more to speed-up the fence building and will now downgrade again the team to 12+ people next week.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Electric connection

Left of the large Decorp post is our post with the insulators mounted.
The Decorp post is in our property.
As part of the fence in front of the property, along the barangay road, we extended the outermost column near to the post of Decorp (Dagupan Electric Corporation), used for low voltage single phase (230V) and high voltage 3-phase electricity distribution in our barangay.

To start the procedure for a connection, we had to fill-up forms in the city hall, get permission from the fire brigade and bring the papers to the Decorp office in Dagupan. And for each step in the process a fee is required, sometimes under the table to speed-up the procedure.

The column is 6 meters high and used to mount the required insulators and metering house for connection of our property to the public network of Decorp.

Everything was prepared and on Monday November 8, our electrician came to install everything required as described by the Decorp inspector a week earlier.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fence (2)

The front almost finished, and on level, only the columns to be done
It's now 5 weeks after we started the fence. It's almost done and more.

The front is completed in terms of basic construction and height. The columns are on level, the walls with hollow blocks as well. We had some discussions whether it wasn't too high, but decided that this is what it should be, to have maximum privacy. It means that from the road you have no direct view into the garden - except thru the gate.

However the house will be visible of course as it will be two storey's high, and also because the ground level of the house will be beyond garden level, as an elevated building.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dog for dinner

As they do with pigs, they clean the skin with a gaz burner.
For those who are still doubting that they eat dog in the Philippines, I want to show you what I saw last week.

One of our neighbors was preparing a dog they had killed and will be served later the same day at a party.

My wife was asked to try to taste the dog, which she did, and it seems to taste like a goat.

As we have here so many dogs, barking every evening/night, one more or less will not make a big difference.


The typhoon is over, the flood is still there.
Looking back at the last few weeks of our building project, I learned that WATER is our friend and enemy.

Because the former rice land level is quite low, about 50 cm beneath road level, and after the heavy rains of the last weeks and the flood from the hopefully last typhoon of this year, the land is sucked with water and it still is flowing in certain areas, especially near to the fish pond. 

Happily there is more rice land which is even lower, so the water is flowing in that direction. I made drain outlets in the fence to the lower side, so in case we have a flood again within the perimeter of our lot, the water will be drained towards the neighboring lower land.


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