“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Super Typhoon Juan (Megi)

This is left of the shed, the cement is saved already
Typhoon Juan (international name Megi), would be my first typhoon experience in the Philippines, as last year's (super) typhoon Pepeng I just missed with 1 day.

It was a disaster for us, as we were in the middle of building up our new site and fence. The small shed built by the workers to hide for the sun when taking a break and to bend the reinforcing steel would not last and the cement bags would be destroyed by the water, if we didn't take last minute measures. The financial damage is not very serious, but the mental damage and delays are there of course.

Luckily we had just moved our bahay kubo from the fish pond to the building site and put it on the highest point. Some people were sleeping in the bahay kubo, since we started a week ago, and they took the first measures when the typhoon has its landfall during the night. There was no damage at the bahay kubo. other than that the water reached finally until the floor.

My brother in law and a neighbor tried to get a truck to load the cement bags and tools and bring it to a safe place, but most roads were blocked already. They just found a farmer close by with a farming vehicle who wanted to help. All tools and small materials were moved into the bahay kubo.

When I arrived early morning, the water has risen already such that we couldn't return the same way with our jeep, as like last year the government had opened a dam in the river to prevent the river dikes to be damaged and break. The water that came through the dam flooded our barangay and our area in particular.

So I learned a lot in terms of how better and quicker to prepare for a typhoon and what levels to use for the garden, house and garage, when we start building.

See below a few pictures in chronological order.

Afternoon just before the expected land-fall that evening,
everything still okay but the weather is changing.
Next morning, the water level is rising.

Discussion on saving the cement and tools,
as it is expected water will rise further.
The water is at the highest level, just at the floor of the bahay kubo

We are leaving for lunch, walking on the barangay road,
in front of our property

This shows how deep the water is on the road,
the rice fields at the road are even 0.5 meter deeper


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