“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fence (1)

Digging the trench, hollow blocks (6") are stacked up already
I titled this blog "Fence (1)" as there will be one or more updates as we are progressing with the fence.

We started 10 days ago, Monday 18 October.

Starting means getting the workers on board, ordering the materials and tools, building a small shelter or shed for the cement bags. My wife and brother in law already made a deal with a local supplier for delivering all materials for interesting prices. We would start with 8 workers, they work 6 days a week.

Another activity was to do the measuring as to find out where to put the fence and digging the slot/ditch. We had already measured and layed out on the lot where the house will be built, the sticks and plastic yellow ribbon tape were still there.

The first problem was raised already the first day. Where are the exact boundaries of the lot? I thought it was clear as the sketch plan of the lot said that all marked points in the plan had a PS cylinder cone identifying the marks. This turned out not to be case. We found one near to the road, but that was not the right one according to some people including the neighbours.

The permit is not yet officially issued, but processing is under way
The only way to find out was to call the surveyor, who did the measuring for us before when we intended to by this lot. I was really pissed of when he told me that he had to do the whole measring again for the same amount of money we payed already the first time. A complicated story, I will not repeat here. Finally we agreed that his people would measure again and show us where the important points to be able to decide where we would put the fence. I am still not convinced it was done properly.

We also invited the owners/representatives of the adjacent lots as to show them where we wanted to put the fence. This seems to be normal practice and I believe it is important to do so.

We use a heavy wire cutter
The steel benders started to do their steel cutting and bendig in the little shed as to work in the shadow, to make the reinforced steel constructions we would need.

The total length of the fence would be approximately 260 meters. The work was estimated to last a couple of weeks, but after the first week we had done 21 meters, of course including the startup activities and problems. So my first guess was we would need 8-10 weeks to complete the work with this team.

Our bahay kubo initially was placed near to the fish pond, which is an idyllic place, but far from where the action was, so I suggested to move it to the the area we back-filled already. With the help from our workers and some locals, the bahay kubo was moved to its new location in less than 30 minutes.

The bahay kubo was relocated to the materials storage area
I learned that as long as we are constructing and building on this site we need a 7/24 hours guarding system, to prevent stealing of materials or equipment.

The schedule we have developped is that my wife and/or me are on site during daytime and my brother in law with someone from our barangay stay and sleep in the bahay kubo from 6 pm to 7 am next day. We have to continue this schedule for at least 6 months.

The first 21 meters (not the final height yet)
To be continued ...


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