“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flashback: My Car history

My 1st car, Ford Anglia
Below is a summary of all cars I owned or used as a company car. I tried to recall the period in which I used it, but this will not be accurate in all cases. I will have to gather info from family and friends to fill-in the details, so updates may follow. For more details click the brand/model (if available).

P.S. At the end I added other used motorized vehicles as well.

1968-1970: Ford Anglia, this car was purchased as to be used as the basis of a special DIY design car, but I didn't complete the project, my friend Ernst (later brother in law) completed the project years after.

1972-1973: Citroen 2CV, this was my first car as a student; I remember that once, after having consumed some alcohol, we decided in the middle of the night to drive to Amsterdam (2 hours) and have fun there. Actually the color was white.

19xx-19xx: Renault 4, I lived in Nijmegen, street?

19xx-19xx: Renault 6, don't remember the color but certainly not orange, I lived in Nijmegen, Malderburghtstraat?

19xx-19xx: Renault 16, I lived in Nijmegen, stree?

19xx-19xx: Citroen GSA, I lived where?

19xx-19xx: Simca 1100, I remember that I bought this car from the spouse of a PD in Molenhoek, they had a nice house near the railway bridge. I guess I lived then in Malden, Dille.

19xx-19xx: Alpha Romeo AlfaSud, I lived in Nijmegen, Wezenlaan??

19xx-19xx: Triumph Herald, I lived in Nijmegen, Wezenlaan??

1982-1986: Peugeot 305, I lived in Malden, Huikeling!!

1985-1989 Opel Omega A, my first company car, when I started to work for Philips in The Hague.

1989-1993: Fiat Croma, company car BSO Advies?. I remember that I misused the car due to my aggressive style of driving and the engine broke down. Happily the company payed for it, but we were not allowed anymore to order an Italian car.

1993-1997: Mazda 626, company car, BSO Advies?

1997-2002: Volvo V40, company car, Origin BSO

2002-2010: Skoda Octavia, station wagon, company car Atos Origin, I ordered this car three times, from 2002-2005, 2005-2009, 2009-2010.

2005-2010: Jeepney(owner), as new purchased in Urdaneta (Philippines), manufacured in Cavite, based on a Mazda diesel engine.

2008-today: Hyundai Starex SVX, purchased as new in Dau (Philippines), it is a repainted model from 2000. In Europe this model is called H-1 or H-200.

2010-2011: BMW 316i Touring, second hand (built 2002) purchased in Haaksbergen (Netherlands) to house hunt in France.

2014 - Today: Mitsubishi Montero Sport, GTV, 2x2 drive SUV 7-seater, to replace our Hyundai Starex.

Other motorized vehicles that I owned.

1965-1968: RAP, Dutch brand small motor bike, which I used the last period in high school.

2003-2009: Yamaha FJ1100, motor bike used for fun driving only. Because I was most of the time abroad, not used very often. I had to sell it again because of our emigration.

2010-present: new Suzuki motor bike 125cc, purchased in Dagupan, Philippines.


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