“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bahay kubo

San Carlos City bamboo market
One of the first things we wanted to do in our new property was to install a "bahay kubo". In the Philippines this is a well known little garden house made of bamboo.

We decided to buy one in San Carlos city, as they have there a big market, where they sell many bamboo products. The bahay kubo will serve different purposes.

1) It is a place to relax as to escape the daily burden of our barangay (neighbourhood) and to enjoy the breeze from the farm, the natural aircon, which we miss in the barangay. This is to bridge the time between preparing for building a house until the moment we can start moving into the new house.

2) Second it is meant as a place where the people who are going to build our house can relax and have their lunch and merienda, the Philippine break for some drinks and (usually sweet) snacks. We even envisage to have a guard sleeping here as long as the fence is not closed.

3) It will become our garden house when the whole project is finished. It probably will get another location on our property.

So we decided to install the bahay kubo temporaly next to our fish pond, a nice location and out of the way of the planned building site. According to Philippine way of living, we had to clean the place first, which means that all the grass around the pond had to be removed. In my view cutting a bit was sufficient.

Cleaning around the fish pond and even the pond itself
To my disbelieve and against my instructions they also cut the three big funguses that I discovered. I wanted to keep them alive to make close-up pictures and preserve them for next year.

My wife choose the model of the baya kubo as to prevent that the prices went up when I showed my white face.

I must say she did a good job, as it is value for money. It has a little space where you can sit with a detached table in the middle and has some shelfs and cabinet spaces, and further a sleeping place for 2-3 persons with windows that can be closed for mosquito's.

Delivery was included in the price and I was very excited to see how they would do it. They would bring 10-12 people to off-load the bahay kubo from the truck, and move it to the site. See the 2 small video's below.

This is the end result, I am sure we will enjoy it.



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