“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Monday, August 30, 2010

Returning to the Philippines!!

My sister and spouse during a family
gathering, after we had taken
our final decision
Well it was a difficult process to design our future again, discuss all alternatives, the pro's and con's and take a final decision whether to come back to the Philippines or not and start a new live in Europe, France.

This is just to give you a brief view on the options, alternatives, pro's and con's. I am not talking about agreements, disagreements, emotions, family and other private issues that we had to review and evaluate.

I can tell you it was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make and I am still not sure if we did it well, but I don't see another option now.

Just to make a long story short, these are the most important reasons for going back to Asia.
  1. Money: in Europe we have to pay many kinds of tax, and as a middle income man you don't get any compensations and in the Philippines no tax (except property tax) and no compensation as well; daily life is cheaper in Asia, especially services, fuel and local products.
  2. Weather: I hate winters not only because of the low temperature, freezing, snow and dirt, the cost of heating, but also because of the many cloths you need; in Asia the cloths you need is minimal, no socks and shoes (I can't wear them since I had cellulites).
  3. Culture: the way of living is so relaxed in Asia, while in Europe I always feel stressed, due to the many social and governmental rules that exist.
  4. Elderly support: in Europe we have houses for the elderly and other services for the old people; I always have told myself and others that I never want to live in such circumstances when I am getting old; in Asia the family will take care and without any expensive (state) insurance, or you hire a care taker.
  5. Living: it is relatively easy to develop your own living environment (house, lot), there are not many rules and you are the boss on your own property.
  6. Investments: the last couple of years we have invested in the Philippines assuming that once we would live there, like a Jeepney, a car/family van and a motor bike, amongst other things.
  7. No tax: and I mean not the financial aspect, but the hassle of keeping records, filling in the forms, and even more the sample checks they sometimes do, which is a financial risk and a lot of work, so this contributes to the relaxing way of living.
Of course there are also drawbacks, such as:
  1. Family will be far away, especially for my mom and children not a preferred situation.
  2. For having your own property you are dependent on your spouse and it is difficult to sell again.
  3. No legal status in the Philippines, you are always a foreigner without the same rights as locals.
  4. Availability of food and drinks in the Philippines is limited/expensive especially products like good wines, cheese and sugar-free products.
  5. Noise is a general problem in Asia, I experienced it first in Indonesia years ago, then in Thailand and now also in the Philippines; in every shopping mall it is very noisy and even the country side has karaoke parties. Further, sometimes the roosters (early morning) and the dogs (late evening).

For the first time we would fly with Emirates, with a stop-over in Dubai



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