“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Monday, August 30, 2010

Returning to the Philippines!!

My sister and spouse during a family
gathering, after we had taken
our final decision
Well it was a difficult process to design our future again, discuss all alternatives, the pro's and con's and take a final decision whether to come back to the Philippines or not and start a new live in Europe, France.

This is just to give you a brief view on the options, alternatives, pro's and con's. I am not talking about agreements, disagreements, emotions, family and other private issues that we had to review and evaluate.

I can tell you it was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make and I am still not sure if we did it well, but I don't see another option now.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


For many years I wanted to visit a former concentration camp of WWII, but I never had/made time to do so. A few years ago I worked on a project in Munich and discovered that Dachau - one of the better known concentration camps from my history books - was quite close and had a rail connection from Munich. However, I never took a day off to visit the site.

Since I am retired I really do things I didn't do before and as I was close (Nurnburg), I decided to go this time. My son - who I was visiting -  was interested as well to see and experience it. I was happyly surprised about his interest in this part of recent history.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This week I went to Germany to visit my son and later on to pick-up my wife in Paris. My son is educated in marketing management for sports related businesses (like sportswear) and he is a soccer fanatic, but also very uptodate on other sports.

In Germany he is doing an internship at adidas (1920), in the soccer marketing department, adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, near to Nurnburg.

He is living in a small hamlet near to the HQ, but unfortunately for a young boy it is a boring place to spend your leasure time.

When we had our dinner together yesterday, he told me that he had an offer for a "student" room in the very center of Nurnburg, only 15 km from the HQ.


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