“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freedom (3)

My last contribution to the trilogy on freedom is based on my visit last year November to Lingayen. We have been that time to visit the regional land registration office for some info on our lot.
The office is opposite to the memorial place and monument for the assault on the Philippines by the American army and navy in world war II in the Gulf of Lingayen, see the map below (apologies for the reflection stains on the picture, they are from the glass cover, protecting the map).

It is an interesting place for those who are interested in history and especially in World War II, which I am already for longtime. For more info on and a description of what happened it is recommended to check wikipedia.

What I learned is that the assault was an amphibious operation of the kind done before (June 1944) in the France Channel (D-day).
In January 1945, just 7 months before the war ended in Asia, liberation (freedom) of the Philippines started here and in some other places in the Philippines as well, like Bataan, Manila, Leyte island.

If you know the region well, as I do now after a couple of years, it is interesting to see there on the maps and many photo's they display, what happened in those years, like where the landing bridge heads were, where they established a temporary air field, etc. I learned from it as well that the church in San Carlos I have visited a year ago to join the baptismal ceremony for a niece of mine, was turned into a military hospital that time.

It was from here that the troops of general McArthur found their way south into the direction of Manila and Bataan (Subic). If you travel these days from Manila to Pangasinan (Dagupan and Lingayen) you travel along the McArtur highway.

This is the monument where you find the old documents, photo's and other material from  that period. It is recommended for a visit and afterwards a walk to the nice beach, take a rest and a cool drink. It is also worth visiting when you plan to go to Hundred Islands near to Alaminos .


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