“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freedom (2)

Everybody knows that there are many forms of freedom. My personal freedom meaning to do what I like and without the whole family watching me was described in my blog Freedom (1).

In this blog I show you the freedom of people here in the Philippines, especially the woman who is regularly doing maid work in our home and her family.

For reasons I don't know, and do not want to know, they moved from their home nearby our house to a place a bit further, perhaps at 100 meter distance from their previous home. It is build from bamboo and other natural materials and from garbage you can find along the river, similar to what I would like to call a "bahay kubo", which we are planning to install later on our lot. You can buy them from 20 to 50 thousand pesos, but this one they built themselves and for free.

The house is built along the river. The river is extremely low now, due to measures taken by the authorities, as they are repairing the river dikes and cleaning up a bit. It also eases for the local people fishing and swimming, as it is not dangerous with this low water level.

Taking these pictures was easily done, they rather liked it and I will make sure they get copies to hang them inside their new home.

You see the heap of fine sand in their background? It comes strait from the river bank below, and is used to make cement or concrete. It might be that they will use it to strengthen their house later on. Although it is built on bamboo poles, when the river is swelling later when the tropical rains will come, they might need to take some measures, I hope it will not be too late for them.

Anyway when the river destroys their house, they simply will build a new one again!


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