“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freedom (3)

My last contribution to the trilogy on freedom is based on my visit last year November to Lingayen. We have been that time to visit the regional land registration office for some info on our lot.
The office is opposite to the memorial place and monument for the assault on the Philippines by the American army and navy in world war II in the Gulf of Lingayen, see the map below (apologies for the reflection stains on the picture, they are from the glass cover, protecting the map).

It is an interesting place for those who are interested in history and especially in World War II, which I am already for longtime. For more info on and a description of what happened it is recommended to check wikipedia.

Freedom (2)

Everybody knows that there are many forms of freedom. My personal freedom meaning to do what I like and without the whole family watching me was described in my blog Freedom (1).

In this blog I show you the freedom of people here in the Philippines, especially the woman who is regularly doing maid work in our home and her family.

For reasons I don't know, and do not want to know, they moved from their home nearby our house to a place a bit further, perhaps at 100 meter distance from their previous home. It is build from bamboo and other natural materials and from garbage you can find along the river, similar to what I would like to call a "bahay kubo", which we are planning to install later on our lot. You can buy them from 20 to 50 thousand pesos, but this one they built themselves and for free.

Freedom (1)

One of my personal limitations sofar in the Philippines was that I never had a moment for myself when I wanted to do something or to go somewhere alone.

I believe this is because our western culture is quite different in this respect. We have more individually organised our lives, we are also raised as such.

In South East Asia, whether it is in the Philippines, Indonesia or any other place, life is more socially organised with the family in the center.

Another reason is simply that people here in the Philippines, especially those who lived abroad, are extremely anxious that a foreigner, will be involved in a robbery or even be murdered. Of course this happens, but it happens everywhere, even in my home country. Statistically maybe more here then there, but statistics is theory and not real life.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elections 2010

Voting form example
Yesterday was elections day in the Philippines. I was following the preparations at a distance last weeks, but now on E-day I was very interested in the implementation of the new (electronic) way of voting, for the first time ever in the Philippines.

Usually it took several weeks to count (and recount) all votes and publish the official results. Of course there are many options for fraud if it takes a long time and is done manually. It is expected that the official results will be available in 2 days time.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cat eyes

This very short blog was inserted only, because I noticed that one of our four white cats (mother and 3 kids) has two different colored eyes - blue and green.

I wanted to share it as a curiosity I have never seen this before.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A lot of lots to choose from

Since we discussed the option to settle in the Philippines for retirement, to be honest I was pushing this idea, we have come across many people and situations where a "lot" was for sale.

I believe that the first lot we have visited was along the provincial road, from the General Mc. Arthur highway in Pangasinan, leading to Sta. Barbara town proper. This was already in May 2006, when we still lived in Hong Kong. It was said that there were electric cables in the ground, I could only see there were electric cables in the air of the provincial distribution system. The asking price was too high anyway.


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