“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today is my last official working day for my company Atos Origin, although I retired already a bit earlier due to some remaining holidays I still had to enjoy.

I joined the company in 1990. That time it was called BSO, a small IT company in the Netherlands, but fast growing. First of all because the market was exploding, but secondly because of the organisational growing model developed by the founder and original owner Eckart Wintzen; he died in 2008.

In the mid 90's the company wanted to expand internationally and a first merger was executed with the IT department (C&P) of Philips, a large electronics company in the Netherlands. Other mergers followed in the 90's and the first decennium of this century, leading to a growth from several hundred employees to now 50.000 worldwide.

In the afternoon I will meet my manager for the final handover of company assets like my PC, car, keys, entry badges, etc. I had decided before already that I didn't want to have a company retirement party with current and former colleagues. Most people do, but for me not a promising event as I have no binding anymore with the Dutch organisation, since I did my projects abroad, in Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines.

Last week Saturday I had invited my family for a private dinner party in a well known and special restaurant called "Heertjes", center of Nijmegen, my current home town. The party was not only meant for retirement, but also a "to be together" party, before we, my wife and myself, migrate to the Philippines in a couple of weeks.

Of course we also had speeches. Apart from myself, also my sister, daughter and son did a speech. And presents of course. On the picture you see my eBook (brand Onyx Boox) which I got from all present in the party. This will allow me to order (dutch) book titles and read them abroad.


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