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― Lucille Ball

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sea container forwarding

40 foot sea container
As I am planning to move all our household things and machines to the Philippines shortly, I am now investigating the opportunities to buy a container and forward it to our new home country.

Our household stuff is currently stored in a City Box (company) storage box of 54 cubic meters. So this means that we need a 40 feet sea container, which is ca. 60 cubic meters.

There are two options:
1. rent the space
2. by your own container

The first option is cheaper of course, but the second means that at the destination you don't have to unload all immediately. Especially when you don't have a location to store everything like in our case, it is easier to just put your container on your lot or any other safe place.
Another advantage is that if you partly unload the container, you can use the free space as a work shed while building your house and later on as a storage room or to start an export business.

Below is the offer I got (in Dutch) from Hacon Logistics BV:

Aankoop 40DV, gebruikt, csc gekeurd € 950,00 p/c
Containertransport vanaf HACON naar Nijmegen,
per sideloader op grond geplaatst € 365,00 p/c
Containertransport vanaf Nijmegen
naar Maasvlakte Rt € 415,00 p/c
Zeevracht vanaf kade Rotterdam tot aankomst
bestemmingshaven, niet ingeklaard € 1.435,00 p/c
Lossingskosten (THC), van zeeschip op
kade Manila € 115,00 p/c
Opmaken bill of lading, verschepingspapieren € 55,00 p/zending
Opmaken standaard exportdocument
(verhuisboedel) € 50,00 p/c

Optie: Een eventuele verzekering kunt u afsluiten tegen een premie van 15 pro mille over de waarde van de goederen met een minimum premie van € 125,00 + poliskosten a € 5,00. All risk met een eigen risico van € 250,00 tevens gedekt tegen eventuele bergingskosten etc. van zeeschip.

Bovengenoemde tarieven zijn BTW 0-tarief ivm uitvoer uit EG.

Afvaarten : Wekelijks, op basis van acceptatie en beschikbare ruimte
Transittijd : 35 dagen, haven-haven

Above statement about 0-tariff VAT did remind me that I have to collect VAT notes of the more expensive things we want to move, because it seems you can get back the VAT we payed before.



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