“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pa, thanks for all

Christmas 2009, our family complete and together
Last Monday, while driving home from my work in Eindhoven to Nijmegen, my sister called me to let me know that my father suddenly passed away, probably less than an hour ago.

Although in his mid 80's, he had no serious illnesses, so it was a shock for us all, and of course especially for my mother. She was very dependent on my father, not only as a mate to share their happy and sad moments, but also because of her "macula degeneration" disease, which makes it difficult to run her life alone, as her sight is only 20% or less.

My father has now been placed on a bier in the Smelt auditorium in Hengelo, waiting for his cremation next week. We as a family are allowed to see him any time any day this week.

I am glad that we had a family gathering last Christmas with my parents, all children and grand-children and all partners. It was where he was waiting for the last couple of years. Because of my long stays abroad, there were almost no gatherings where the whole family was present, but since my wife and I returned from Thailand in November 2009, his dream became true.

As you know I am planning to emigrate shortly after my retirement, later this year. One of my worries was my father, as he didn't like my staying abroad. Of course also my children and mother and other family members don't like it, but they are stronger, more flexible and more understanding and willing to visit me abroad.

I know that my father was really waiting for his death, since he was not able to enjoy his hobbies anymore and he had his small elderly annoyances, and told us that he would not make it until next Christmas. I am thankful for him that his wish came true as it did. We all have to accept it and I am sure even my mother will as she is still strong.


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