“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hospitalized in Vibhavadi

Last Friday I was released from the hospital after being hospitalized for almost a week.

On Friday September 25th, I went to my office in Bang Khen, north Chatu Chak, but decided already before arrival to go back. I felt sick, had to vomit, head ache, and was not able to start working.

Coming back home again, I tried to text message some people to inform them on my sick leave, but SMS service to Europe didn't work. Already for several weeks I had many problems with mobile communication from and to Europe. It seems that there is a roaming problem, as people trying to call me get an automated voice message that my number is not registered, but local calls without any problem. I felt too sick to setup my PC to send an email, so decided to go to bed and solve the communication later, when I felt better.

Next day I discovered red stains on my lower left leg and it was also painfull after some rest to stand on that leg. Only after 5 minutes excercising it felt better and I could walk again. Still overall I was sick and didn't understand what the problem was and where the red stains were coming from.

Next day, Sunday, the problem was still the same and a friend advised me to go to hospital, but being a "low land" boy, I thought not on Sunday and maybe tomorrow it is less.
That day we went out for a light lunch and I showed him my leg. He again advised me to go asap to the hospital, which I promised. After lunch we went to the Nokia service center in Ratchada Phisek, near to Fortune tower, as my friend needed a new part for his mobile phone. It remembered me on my "roaming" problem and decided to ask for a firmware upgrade, that could help, another solution I could not think of. It took one hour and was free of charge. Being home later that day I tried out and indeed it seemed to have helped.

Next day indeed I went to the hospital, near to my apartment, the Vibhavadi hospital. Modern, clean and friendly people. They also have 2 international hostess/nurses. One of them helped me and within an hour an english speaking doctor helped me. He advised me to stay as he wanted to do some diagnosis investigations. He didn't tell me for how long, but I assumed 2-3 days would be sufficient. So I went off again to my apartment, took some clean underware and T-shirts, my toilter gear and book and went back to the hospital.

As it was busy at the radiology department where I had to go, the hostess advised me to first select a room and go there and then go back to radiology. They have several room rates and choose the single room for foreigners, rate 2.200 baht per night, including Internet, TV, newspaper. I also choose for the hospital food. The international nursing department (ward) is on level 16, it was not too busy, some people but Thai, I didn't see any foreigners that week.

After changing my close for a hospital split gown, they pulled me in the wheelchair to the radiology department. When it was my turn, the doctor scanned with a ultrasoon transmitter my legs from top to bottom, to find a trombosis tightening of my vaines in both legs. He couldn't find it apparently and later that day he said it was no trombosis, but an inflammation of the inner skin structure. It is also called Cellulitis in literature.

The traetment was to give me high concentration anti-biotics via an infusion pump, three times a day. Further some medication against tissue swelling.
Blood pressure and pulse was also measured 3-4 times a day. It was surprisingly that all values were much lower than usually. Puls below 50 and Systolic pressure dropped from above 150 (including hypertensia drugs) below 100 (whithout any hypertensia drugs). After a few days it went up a bit until 120, which is rather normal.

Meanwhile I had informed my health insurance company to send a statement to the hospital that they were willing to pay my bill -I had to put signatures on about 5 different forms, including the one for payments. After 2 days this was organised for a stay of 3 days, but when it turned out that my stay woulkd take longer, they had to send a new one for the extension.
The guarantee the insurance company gave was for a maximum of 1000 euro per day, excluding any medical costs of course. For this amount you can stay 25 days in stead of one.

The first night several people of my company visited me and brought me presents - birds nest drinks, a well known Chinese medical drink. Even a representative of my apartment visited me that day.

Since Tuesday it went slowly better and I asked the doctor for how long I had to stay.
Next days were relaxing and I did some work via telephone, as my PC didn't work on the WiFi of the hospital. I didn't mind, as it kept me relaxed.

On Friday I asked the doctor after his morning visit to release me. He reluctantly agreed and prepared the prescriptions for the medicines I still had to take the coming days.
Next week Wednesday I have to visit him again to checkup.


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