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― Lucille Ball

Saturday, August 22, 2009

SCTEX bridge cages

In the Netherlands and other European countries there is incidentally the problem that car drivers are attacked by heavy objects falling down from a crossing bridge.

They are thrown down from a bridge by crazy people, who want to hurt the driver and knocking the car.

It seems a kind of game, and I guess it are usually young boys, but I have never heard that they were catched. Of course it could as well be older people with a mental disease like a pyromania.

It was reported several times that a brick was thrown through the windscreen and you can imagine that, if one drives with a speed of 120 km/h, it might kill the driver or other persons in the car, which actually happened several times.

In the Philippines there are not so many freeways, actually there are only three on Luzon, the biggest island of the Philippines: SLEX, NLEX and SCTEX.

SCTEX is the latest and completed a few years ago. It is the Subic to Clark to Tarlac EXpress way. It was on this freeway were I saw recently that all bridges have a kind of cage covering them, such that it is not possible to throw large objects to driving cars below. I am not sure whether this problem exists in the Philippines and they invented this solution, or it might have another purpose, but at least it could be a solution for the problem that I mentioned above in the Netherlands.

I have never seen such cages on the SLEX (South Luzon EXpress way) which is being renewed now, or the NLEX (North Luzon EXpress way). So it remains a mistery why only the SCTEX has such bridge cases.

Who knows the answer?



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