“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Black Canyon Coffee

Today and yesterday I woke up early, mind you it's weekend, went to the swimming pool, on the 5th floor of the apartment building, and did my swimming exercise of 10 laps of 10 meter, so one hundred meters. That is a lot for Lolo, isn't it. I can feel it in my arm.

Then take a rest on one of the pool beds and read my book, this time I am reading "Bourne Supremacy" of Robert Ludlum. Seems to be the second of a trilogy.

At 11 a.m. back to my apartment, dress and walk to the main road, take a taxi to Central Plaza, Lad Prao. This is one of the older large shopping malls in Bangkok, but always very busy, most are young people as you see in every shopping mall. It seems that most elderly people do not like this kind of shopping malls, or have no money to spend.

I am here to buy a USB cable for my new printer, which I bought yesterday in the Fortune IT mall at Rama 9 road. I went there after visiting the "Black Canyon Coffee" bar and restaurant, the one were I am heading to now again.

This is a chain with a franchise formulae similar as S********s, the American coffee bar chain. But this one is much better. The coffee is really nice, the presentation good, staff is friendly and helpful, but even more important they have more variety in coffee, also ice-coffee, the and ice-the, ice cream, beer (only Heineken) and also a variety of food, like salads, sandwiches, soups, main courses with noodles, or rice and beef, pork and chicken. I love their spicy sausages and Tom Yam Goong soup.

Today I went for the tuna sandwich with french fries, but don't eat the latter as I am too fat now. And a glass of ice-mocca, which is coffee with a bit of chocolate. Makes you fat as well, but love it.

I have been here several times already with a friend from my work, also a Dutch man, but living more than ten years already in Thailand. Actually, he brought me here the first time, after work and drunk a beer and had dinner. Since then, I am a regular guest.

In the other mall where I go regularly, called The Mall Ngam Wong Wan, they have also a bar and restaurant, but smaller and not so cosy. I have been there two times now, but many items of the menu are sold out, so I am not going there anymore.

The chain was established in 1993 and grown since then, now having more than 90 branches throughout Thailand and South East Asia. Since 2002 they have branches outside Thailand, in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. Have a look at their web site.


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