“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Saturday, May 30, 2009

JJ market Bangkok

Shopping in JJ market
My son is going around in Thailand for 2 months, but lost his passport last Sunday, actually it was stolen including his money and bankcard, so he had to come to Bangkok to apply for a temporary passport from the Dutch embassy.

Via a Thai bank I sent some money to the owner of the guesthouse where he was at the time.

All the paperwork has been done and until his flight back to Europe he stays here with me in my Bangkok apartment.

So today I brought him to Chatu Chak market (or JJ market), the biggest market in the world, that is what some reports say, to buy some small presents for his mum and friends.

We went early because usually it's becoming very hot around noon, so we went 9 am. It's close to my apartment @ Ngam Wong Wan Rd, so only 15 minutes by taxi.

First thing we did was taking a Thai breakfast, spicy noodles and pork neck with water and ice cubes. Next walking around, I have been there so many times already, so it's getting boring, but for a new comer it's fun to see so may little shops with art, handicraft, cloth, shoes, food, and many many more things.

I gave him a thousand baht to buy things, well he only bought a T-shirt with an elephant on the chest for himself and later on a handicraft cat for his mum, and salt and pepper sets for his friends and sister.

By the way his sister, that is my daughter of course, went today from Dusseldorf to Rome for a long weekend. Accidentally they will arrive on the same day, next week Monday, on Dusseldorf airport with some hours difference, where they will be picked up by a relative.

We took a fresh cold drink in the market, orange and guava juice, and around 11 am he wanted to go back, as it was starting to be so hot already.

At all exits of the market you find plenty of taxis bringing home the tourists. So the first one had a speaker (Indian type of seller) who wanted to push us in a taxi for 400 baht. As I know the prices, I refused it and we walked to another one, just asked for starting the taxi meter and we went off. For 100 baht we were delivered at the apartment, where we decided to do some fitness (he) and swimming (me).


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